Profile of Glaway

Nanjing Glaway Software Co. LTD (Hereafter refer to “Glaway”), was founded in 2010, is the domestic leading solution provider for product life cycle. Its headquarters is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. Moreover, it has branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Xi′an.

By adhering to the principle "Intelligent Enterprise Drives China′s Intellectualized Manufacturing", Glaway devotes to helping industrial enterprises create efficient and smooth digital chain of product life cycle by using information technology, and transforming the ways to design, manufacturing, maintenance guarantee as well as operation management of product for promoting enterprises to transform into intelligent enterprises. In this way, the upgrading and transformation, as well as improvement of quality and efficiency for industrial enterprises are realized, which supports the "Chinese Dream" mainly driven by industrial power.

Glaway are specializing in the research and development, consultation service and system integration of relevant software to the overall resolution for intelligent enterprise based on the end-to-end digital chain of product life cycle. Besides, through our own technology and service, we will integrate leading intelligent manufacturing concepts and best practices into information system so that we can provide industrial enterprises with the information solution of intelligent enterprise including intelligent R&D, intelligent production, intelligent supportability, intelligent management and knowledge engineering.

Glaway have a talent team with reasonable skills structure and strong strength. Glaway’s core key bone members have rich theoretical literacy and practical experience of more than 15 years on average in large and complex IT projects, and they have strong ability to lead enterprise IT construction direction and conduct customer demand.

Glaway also has an experienced consulting service team which has the largest number in China PLM industry. It provides customers with specialized and one-stop service from planning, consultation, implementation to operation and maintenance, helping enterprises improve innovation, enhance market competitiveness, improving product quality and shortening the market cycle.

Currently, the industries which partnered with Glaway include aviation, space, shipbuilding, weapon, defense electronics, nuclear, automotive, rail transportation, engineering machinery, energy, high-tech electronics, weight equipment and troops, as well as water and power supply. Besides, the industry famous customers we served are more than 1000.

Glaway has formed a long-term partnership with customers by adhering to the service concept of "Value Orientation, Professional Quality, Attentive Service and Perfect Delivery". Furthermore, Glaway is also active behind Chinese important equipment such as C919 large passenger aircraft, CJ-1000A large passenger aircraft engine, new fighter, new carrier rocket, new-type warship, new phased array radar and new high-speed railway.

Company Philosophy

Mission of Company:

Help manufacturing enterprises transform and upgrade by using information technology to boost the "China Dream" mainly driven by industrial power.

Vision of Company:

Become the most leading and influential "Provider for Solutions and Industrial Software of Intelligent Enterprise".

Core Values of Company:

Customer First, Value Innovation, People Oriented, and Teamwork.

Full Life Cycle:

Provides customers with information solutions of product life cycle from product planning, R&D, manufacturing, test and service guarantee.

End to End:

Forms an integrated solution from "3+N" (refers to 3 business processes centering on product life cycle and N management process) end-to-end perspective of business process.


Provides enterprises with one-top information service from IT planning, schematic design, project implementation and system maintenance.

Best Practice:

Refines the best practices of industry through the successful experience of leading enterprises to duplicate and promote them among customers.

Service Concept:

Value Orientation: Taking the realization of customer business value as the starting point and foothold, pay attention to the close integration of advanced concepts and customers′ actual situations and the real implementation.

Professional Quality: Taking the Implementation methodology with rich experience as the action guidance for implementing project, we have created a well-trained and professional consulting service team.

Attentive Service: Infuse the soul of the team with the core value "customer first", and form a long-term partnership with customers.

Perfect Delivery: Ensure the project delivery on schedule and quality during implementation, and be brave to overcome difficulties and challenge under pressure to achieve the project goal.

Company History

~2010: Accumulation of Technology

In 2002, the core team dominated the digital prototype construction of the 14th institute of CETC (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation)

In 2003, the core team dominated the R&D and management platform construction of 14th institute of CETC

In 2008, the core team dominated the construction of integrated supportability platforms of 14th institute of CETC

In 2009, based on the practical IT application of enterprise, gradually enriched software of product innovation and comprehensive integrated supportability management.

2010: Foundation of Company

On December 7, 2010, relying on the  development and brand of information construction in CETC, and focusing on the IT business for integrated supportability and R&D management of equipment, Glaway was founded as the situation required.

2011-2012: Business Development

In 2011, the Shanghai branch was founded, which released the first software product of IETM series with proprietary intellectual property rights. Then the company business was expanded to aviation, space-light, national defense electronics, shipping and other industries.

In 2012, Chengdu and Beijing offices were successively founded, with serviced customers over 100. The corporate product line was extended from integrated supportability, R&D management to manufacturing management, while the company business was expanded to automotive and rail transit industries, releasing software products such as integrated development system (IDS) and 3D-MPM.

2013: Strategic Expansion

In 2013, obtained CMMI 3-level certificate, and released series of software products for after-sales service and Maintenance Management System (MRO), when the integrated supportability software system was put into use with the equipment delivered to a customer in a central Asian country. Besides, the company re-positions its strategy to build "the First Chinese Brand in the Whole Life Cycle Information Field of Products" at full blast.

2014-2015: Lay A Solid Foundation

In 2014, we obtained the Quality Management System Certification of GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008, and built an industry-based consulting service team. At that time our solutions were widely applied in the leading units of ten military industrial groups and national key programs.

In 2015, Beijing and Chengdu branches were successively founded. They launched the model-based system engineering (MBSE), manufacturing operation management (MOM), knowledge engineering system (KES), prognostic and health monitoring (PHM) and other solutions.

2016-2018: Overall Arrangement

In 2016, we released the Overall Solution for "Intelligent Enterprise, received the warm response from customers. Then we started the Northwest Strategy to establish a Xi′an branch, completing the national layout.

In 2017, our business was expanded from traditional manufacturing to troops, water and power supply, etc, meanwhile, our journal “Road to An Intelligent Enterprise” was first published, when the number of employees was over 450.

Cooperative Partners

Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systemes was founded in 1981. As the leader that provides the global customers with 3DEXPERIENCE solution, Dassault Systemes provides enterprises and customers with virtual space to simulate sustainable innovation. Its world-leading solution changed the way to design, produce and support product technically. The collaboration solutions of Dassault Systemes has also promoted social innovation, and expanded the possibility of improving the real world through virtual worlds.

Dassault Systemes has brought value to more than 220,000 customers of different scales from various industry in more than 140 countries.


MSC software company was founded in 1963, and it is the leader of global multidisciplinary simulation domain. The engineering simulation technology of MSC software company is used to finite element analysis(FEA) of linear and nonlinear, acoustic, fluid-solid coupling, multi-physical field, optimization, durability, multi-body dynamics, and control system simulation. It can truly and accurately predict the performance of industrial products in the real world, thus helping engineering design more innovative products.

IHS Markit

IHS Markit was founded in 1959 and its headquarters is located in London, with 13,000 full-time employees. It is a diversified supplier of global business information service, which provides the world-leading semantic retrieval engine, providing key information, analysis and solutions to all industries and markets that drive economic development around the world.


IGE+XAO group was founded in 1986, which is engaged in the design, production, sales and maintenance of a series of CAD(Computer-Aided Design) software. This kind of CAD software is called "electrical CAD". These electrical CAD software are used to help manufacturers design and maintain the electrical parts of all production processes. IGE+XAO has built a whole set of electrical CAD software programs, which can be applied in all industrial fields.


Cortona3D is a company which was founded in 1989. It is the world-leading enterprise of 3D visual communication and publishing software. Cortona3D software can convert the design data(CAD) into the "visual techniques" used for product maintenance and training. The full three-dimensional display and communication greatly enhanced the effect of enterprise product training, after-sale service and project display.